McLaren Senna Crashes into Lexus Showroom After Making a "Donut"


It seems someone forgot to mention the warning against making "donuts" in the brochure for the McLaren Senna...

Apparently, owning a supercar doesn't automatically come with a free course on responsible driving. Consider a recent incident in Los Angeles, where a driver managed to transform a special green McLaren Senna into a modern art sculpture after some, ahem, truly impressive displays of delinquency on public roads.

A video circulating on social networks, including Reddit, shows a McLaren driver with questionable judgment. The footage captures this particular beast abruptly stopping in the middle of the road, not for a panoramic view, but for so-called signing. Smoke rises from the tires as the driver accelerates powerfully, producing a symphony recorded by smartphone users. But the grand finale comes moments later when the driver loses control and the McLaren finds its new home: unforgiving concrete.

The incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries as the sidewalk was empty at the time of the accident, and traffic was relatively light.

The Senna model collided with the walls of a Lexus brand store, alongside a parked Toyota Camry. The front hood was completely destroyed, and it appears the supercar suffered significant damage to its carbon chassis and front suspension. Although McLaren usually manages to repair models of this class, the bill will certainly be enormous for the insurance company.

The identity of the driver and owner of the car has not yet been confirmed at this point. However, as noted by Motor1, the user who posted the video on Reddit, "slattdemon99," suggested in the comments that the destroyed McLaren belongs to the well-known automotive "influencer" Edmund Mondi, a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and racer.

Mondi recently acquired a special Senna model named "Project Kilo II," which he showed to his followers on Instagram. This Senna model stands out for several reasons. It has factory-installed MSO carbon wheels, an option that costs $152,000. Additionally, it boasts the distinction of being the first Senna model to arrive in the US and the only one with a combination of green exterior and saddle interior. Other unique personalized additions include gold exhaust protection and the Kiwi logo on the side skirts.

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