New Maybach - safest car in the world

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Mercedes introduced its S-Class Maybach model in November 2014, on the auto show in Los Angeles...

Now, they have a completely new treat for us. It's S600 Guardarmored version, which will be presented next month in Geneva. The new Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard is the first passenger car with VR10 level of ballistic protections, which, according to the German company, makes it "the safest passenger car of the world."

This car is equipped with components of aramid or glass that is reinforced with a layer of polycarbonate and the protective segments in the doors and under the vehicle, and thus provides maximum protection to its passengers even in the event of an explosion. In Germany, this model will cost 470,000 euros (price without taxes), and will join the fleet of other, already presented armored vehicles, such as G500 Guard, GLE 350d 4MATIC Guard, GLE 500 4MATIC Guard, Guard S500 and S600 Guard.

Just to remind ourselves, length of Mercedes Maybach S-Class models is 5453 mm, the wheel base is 3365 mm, a this version runs 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbo engine with 530 hp and 830 Nm of torque.

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