One of the first armoured cars in the world owned by Al Capone for sale

When we talk about bad people, we have to admit that some of them bring a dose of glamor with them, like Al Capone…

One of America's most notorious mobsters, Al Capone, has remained famous in history for his interesting style and love of cars, if we ignore all the other stories. The opportunity to own one of his wicked cars is given to you by Celebrity Cars, which are ready to auction the Don Cadillac Town Sedan for millions of dollars.

Considered one of the earliest bulletproof cars, this car is equipped with glass that is nearly 2.5 cm thick and is reinforced with nearly 1,500 pounds of armour. It incorporates a Series 341-A L-Head V8 90bhp engine coupled to a three-speed transmission that sends power to the front axle, from a fully rotating rear axle with semi-elliptical springs and all-wheel mechanical brakes. The sleek car has a green color in its exterior, and comes with an easy-to-lower rear window so that "rear-seat passengers can reciprocate if enemy fire occurs".

Al Capone reportedly bought this car from Emil Denemarck, owner of the Chicago Salon. After him, the car changed several owners, and has been on display in numerous museums in Niagara Falls and in Tennessee.

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