Pagani Automobili Brings Hypercar Performance to Virtual Reality

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Pagani Automobili, renowned for its exceptional quality and high-performance hypercars, is entering the virtual realm with the launch of the Huayra R simulator.

Developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, a leading simulator manufacturer trusted by professional pilots, this high-end virtual driving system promises to revolutionize how owners experience their vehicles.

Initially exclusive to Huayra R owners, Pagani plans to make this advanced simulator available to the wider public through its international dealer network. With the Huayra R simulator, drivers can immerse themselves in a safe environment, get acquainted with their vehicle, "accumulate" miles, and master international tracks before hitting the road.

Arte in Pista, Pagani's customized track program for hypercar owners, elevates the driving experience to new heights with exclusive events held at prestigious FIA tracks around the world. Supported by a team of experts including technical managers, engineers, and professional trainers, Arte in Pista offers a comprehensive blend of adrenaline-pumping sessions and pure enjoyment, empowering customers to unleash the full potential of their hypercars.

The Huayra R simulator aligns with Pagani's ethos of community care, offering various opportunities for gathering, learning, and enjoyment. Drivers can explore tracks on their own, participate in remote training or virtual events, and review Arte in Pista experiences with real cars and tracks. The simulator also allows users to independently organize challenges and sessions.

The project, initiated in 2020, brought together Pagani's vehicle dynamics team and Pagani Arte team to create a synergy of expertise. In collaboration with Racing Unleashed, they developed a simulator that faithfully replicates the handling, dynamics, and aerodynamic effects of the Huayra R. Detailed attention was given to every aspect, from the carbon fiber chassis to integrated vents for optimal cooling. To enhance the connection between the car and the simulator, Pagani ensured that the materials and construction techniques reflect those in its hypercars. Handcrafted components, such as aluminum elements, contribute to an authentic driving experience. The simulator's hardware setup includes a high-performance gaming computer, a curved screen, and VR headsets for immersive sound.

With the adoption of the Assetto Corsa Pro interface, drivers can expect an incredibly realistic experience, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Certified according to international standards, the Huayra R simulator is set to redefine virtual driving for enthusiasts worldwide.

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