Pet bear accidentaly destroys his owner's Lambo

Sometimes pets can cause chaos when playing, but unconditional love almost always leads to their owners forgiving them...

In a new video from the United Arab Emirates, we can see that this is exactly the case with one bear who was trying to eat a delicious apple, accidentally tearing the door from the light orange Lamborghini Huracan Performante model of his owner.

The bear looks like a cub, but it is still strong enough to take the door off its hinges, damaging the Italian supercar. The animal was completely terrified when the door fell, however, its owner laughed and called him back to feed him apples.

You are probably wondering who keeps bears as pets in their right mind, but that shouldn't surprise you, because this is about Arab Sheikh Humaid Abdul Albukais, an investor and collector of supercars from Dubai, who owns several unconventional pets such as tigers, lions, hyenas and snakes.

Several Instagram profile pictures show the sheikh with his animals, sitting next to extremely expensive vehicles such as a Lamborghini Urus, several Huracan cars, a Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Nissan Patrol sedan. One would be completely terrified that the bear would destroy the colour of the car, the body and the interior with his little killer paws, but the sheikh seems to not care at all.

People have criticized the Sheikh for keeping these exotic wild animals in captivity, but he claims he really loves them and that they are treated as family members inside his climate-controlled private zoo, located next to the palace. The Arabs are known as people who adore animals and take care of them as if they were born children, so these are certainly in better conditions than if they were in the wild, where they would eventually be hunted and killed. As the sheikh further emphasized, none of the animals are drugged and they are all with their teeth and claws.

Sheikh Humaid Abdullah Albukais currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, with 9.2 million followers on the Tik Tok platform, where his videos have over 1.1 billion views, which emphasizes that people definitely like to see bears and lions circling around exotic cars.

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