Putin's limo for sale

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If the Maybach too weak for you, Rolls Royce too commercial - unique sedan designed for Russian President Vladimir Putin is the perfect thing...

Of course, it is limousine created by ZIL company, which used to produce luxury cars for the Soviet leaders. Although the fall of the Soviet Union caused a decrease of interest in these old-fashioned and large consumers, ZIL company still exists, and the past few years, the story of their return to the scene keeps being told.

Everyone expected that they will return to creating a new sedan that would be perfect for President Putin. They did so, so they created ZIL 4112R concept. This is a unique car, which, however, despite the six-year production, did not satisfy all demands of the great Russian leader. In the end, his new sedan has reached the auction.

The car was described exactly as it was announced. It's a real unique piece, made only once and it is a product of this pilot project. Its features user comfort which is superior to all today known models such as Cadillac, Rolls Royce and Maybach models.

Also, it is a completely new car. There are all the real and unreal supplements and options to enjoy the ride: heating and air conditioning, inertial seatbelts, power windows, shutters, partition glass, remote control mirrors, bar, fridge and electric luggage.

This car is unique and in perfect condition. From the date of its production, up to now, on its odometer shows the total distance of 148 kilometers. If you want to own it, you need one million Euro.

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