Rolls Royce Ghost 'Amber Roads' - a new Bespoke masterpiece

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Rolls Royce unveiled its latest Bespoke masterpiece – the Ghost 'Amber Roads' during a special event held in Kaltene, Latvia…

The magnificent new collection, which consists of only 12 pieces, is inspired by amber, which is also known as the "Gold of the North". Amber, which represents the fossilized resin of a tree, is valued as a gem of the millennium: for over 3,500 years, it was used for trade on the routes known as "Amber Roads", connecting the Baltic Sea where it was found on the shore after a storm, with the Mediterranean.

The Rolls Royce Bespoke collective of designers, engineers and craftsmen found inspiration in the colours, textures and moods of this precious natural material when creating the Ghost 'Amber Roads' model. For the exterior, this team developed new Bespoke exterior colours that embody the warmth of amber, as well as its interesting character – Lyrical Copper and Cornish White were used over Bronze in a two-tone finish.

Upon opening the doors of this car, the driver and his passengers will be greeted by treadplates that are accented with subtle amber lighting. The interior is finished with Dark Spice or Seashell options combined with Armagnac and Mandarin accents. A piece of polished amber found its place in the central rotating dial, to give the whole story a tactile dimension.

The cars also got the brand's famous Starlight Headliner, which represents the historical trade routes connecting the north and south of Europe, illustrated with white and amber 'stars'. The headliner is entirely produced by hand during a process that takes a minimum of 18 hours. Amber Roads routes are also painted in the illuminated fascia panel.

The Ghost 'Amber Roads' model made its public debut on the shores of the Baltic Sea, near the town of Kaltene in Latvia. Along this coastal stretch, pieces of amber can still be found by beachgoers to this day.

Nicholas Rhodes, Bespoke designer, emphasized: “Amber is an amazing material. Unlike other precious stones, it is a fossil, so it hides a tangible connection with ancient life on the planet. With its minimalist character, Ghost presented the perfect blank canvas on which to present this sense of timelessness, simplicity and enduring beauty. I am delighted to know that the Bespoke masterpieces will continue to delight their owners during their own travels and adventures across the planet”.

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