Rolls Royce presents its brand new identity

Rolls Royce has announced its brand new identity, which aims to further modernize the famous marque, in order to attract a younger target group of customers…

British luxury brand has hired leading design agency Pentagram, to create a whole new visual language for the brand and a new Rolls Royce model identity. Torsten Muller-Otvos, CEO of the brand, said: “While our digital presence is increasing, it has never been more important that our visual language reflects the fact that we are the world’s leading luxury brand. We embarked on a fascinating adventure of modernizing our identity, to create an echo of the changes that can be seen in our portfolio, our client demographics, their way of life and the luxurious world that surrounds them."

Pentagram decided to leave the double R monogram unchanged due to its incredible legacy, while the two-dimensional version of the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy was given a more significant role in the brand identity. Pentagram brand partner Marina Wheeler commented: “The use of the Spirit of Ecstasy marks a change in the resonance of this brand - from the automotive to the lifestyle context. It possesses an aspirating quality in the sphere of luxury, where it received the very center of attention. The spirit of Ecstasy can now be called the muse of this brand”.

Created by Chris Mitchell, leading illustrator of the brand and their icons, the new Spirit of Ecstasy has been given the right direction, to symbolize the philosophy of the brand, ie their movement towards the future. The symbol has also become simpler, cleaner and more balanced, thanks to the thin base that identifies it as a hood ornament.

Design studio has also created a new visual interpretation of the legendary figurine, called Spirit of Ecstasy Expression. The fluid form of the digital illustration is compared to silk fabric and aims to add a superior aura to the brand’s new identity. "We wanted to present a balance between a work of art that is really special, but made with high technology and the incorporation of science behind the scenes," Wheeler explains.

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