Russian influencer tied his girlfriend to the roof of his car - and the drove around Moscow

Russian influencer, Sergey Kosenko, shared a video on his Instagram account, where we can see him driving around Moscow with his girlfriend on the roof of a car…

The couple was handcuffed, which made the ride more difficult, less safe and certainly contributed to the insecurity of the female person on the roof. As we can see, Sergey tied his girlfriend with a rope and adhesive tape, according to the speculations, in order to convince her that she could trust him?!

We can freely say that in the race of lunatics he managed to beat Mikhail Litvin who torched his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S worth 270,000 dollars, because he was frustrated by the unreliability of the car and poor customer service.

Sergey, who has five million followers, received a fine of only 750 rubles, or about 10 euros. Since the punishment did not change his mind, he apologized to his followers, who were definitely not thrilled with his latest endeavour, in a sarcastic post: "I apologize. Ilona also apologizes. We are sorry that we lost 750 rubles. "

By the way, Sergey is known for dangerous and incredible performances for the sake of getting likes and attention in the internet universe. Whether he will be more strongly sanctioned, since he is a very bad example to a large number of young people who follow him, remains to be seen.

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