Someone paid 14 million dollars for this monstrosity

Before we blow you away with absolutely incredible specifications and big numbers, we advise you to browse through our gallery and see all the photos of this crazy creation…

It's just sad that in the future there is no place for such monsters that consume gallons of fuel and have a powertrain with as many as twenty-four cylinders! Meet Thor24, a huge truck that could be a villain in some future Transformers movie. Thor24 began its life as a Peterbilt 359 truck, to be extended to 13 meters to accommodate twin 13.9-liter Detroit diesel V12 engines. Its twin-four-cylinder powertrain is paired with a total of 12 superchargers to help it pump out 3,974 horsepower.

On top of all that, the truck also has bottles of nitrous oxide. And guess what? It also has an exhaust branch for each of the twenty-four cylinders. Although it weighs more than 15 tons, it has a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour. In fact, the truck is so heavy that it needs four Simpson parachutes to stop, because standard brakes just aren't enough.

Finally, we have to say that Thor24 was sold during Worldwide Auctioneer's Riyadh event last weekend in Saudi Arabia for a whopping $ 12 million. Since its construction cost about seven million dollars, the creators really profited from the sale. An interesting fact is that the truck was sold in Saudi Arabia and is located in Arizona, where it was constructed.

For now, we do not have information on the buyer of this crazy machine, nor do we know when we will have the opportunity to see it scaring everyone ahead.

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