The police seized the Lamborghini of the Qatari prince worth half a million dollars

The half-million-dollar Lamborghini Aventador that "glows in the dark" ended up in the hands of the London police, after it was confiscated from the Qatari prince from the ruling family...

The historic FIFA World Cup, which ended just a couple week ago in Qatar, focused plenty of world attention on the tiny country and its ruling family, the House of Thani, who imposed a total ban on the sale of alcohol in stadiums just hours before the championship began - legend has it that this is the reason why no English fans have been arrested.

With an estimated fortune of more than $330 billion, the Qatari royal family likes to live an extravagant life, spending incredible sums of money on things like VIP jets, luxury yachts and big-name football clubs. The younger members of this family seem to feel a stronger attraction towards supercars. Thirty-one-year-old Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al is one of them and owns one of the most exclusive car collections in the world.

This young ruler travels to London every summer season, and he does not set out without his fleet of exotic cars. And while fans of four-wheelers practically love it when they meet him on the street, Sheik apparently managed to get behind the law of London. A little less than ten years ago, the unique Lamborghini Aventador that belonged to Nasser Al Thani from the royal family of Qatar was seized in London, with the possibility of going under the press.

This incident happened in 2013, when Naser Al Thani went to London during the peak of the supercar season with his magnificent Lamborghini Aventador model. The supercar had a Liberty Walk LB Performance fairing from Japan, along with ADV.1 wheels that arrived from the United States of America. In addition, its license plate number read 420000. What really made it unique was its chrome purple color, which received orange glow-in-the-dark lines as its main details, making the car look like it came from the famous sci-fi movie Tron.

Nasser apparently went out for a drive in his car when he was stopped by the police. According to reports, the Qatari prince was driving without a valid license and did not have an insurance policy for the car worth half a million dollars. Although it belonged to one of the richest and most powerful families in the world, Nasser Al Thani could not prevent the confiscation of his car.

Moreover, there was a possibility of the car leaving under the press, which would be a great sadness for all car lovers, but Nasser managed to come to an agreement with the authorities of Great Britain and prevent that unfortunate event.

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