The slowest crash in the world of supercars

Money can certainly buy you some of the rarest cars available in the world today, but it can’t buy you the skills you need to drive them…

How often have we seen foolish supercar owners destroy their exotic machines due to a lack of common sense and driving skills? Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about a Ferrari Roma model that the owner managed to get stuck in a narrow alley somewhere in Italy. The latest incident of this type, coming from France, will awaken a feeling of discomfort in every person who appreciates the beauty and quality of luxury cars - a man driving a Bugatti Divo, one of today's most expensive cars, went in reverse and hit a parked Mercedes-Benz CLS, something more common, but still a beautiful luxury car. The incident was filmed by an Instagram user, @ledriviste, and then experienced worldwide fame on the @ supercar.fails account.

We do not have any information about the time of this incident, but we see that it took place in front of the Westin Paris - Vendome Hotel in Paris. If you need a reminder - the Bugatti Divo is an ultra-rare car that was produced in only 40 copies. Of course, a large group of people gathered to observe the event, and it aroused great interest due to the fact that this car costs 5.8 million dollars. We’re not sure if the owner wanted to park his Divo model or pull out from his spot, but it’s clear that the whole story ended tragically. The massive carbon rear end of the Bugatti Divo hit a Mercedes-Benz CLA parked right behind, leading to the slowest car accident in the world of supercars.

Hotel employees can be seen helping the driver and examining the domain of damage. The quality of the video is not good enough for us to judge for ourselves, and of course, as expected, there is no official data on this topic.

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