Ultimate expression of creativity - Rolls Royce Phantom Iridescent Opulence

When Rolls Royce launched its Phantom VIII, the eighth iteration of the British flagship model, in 2017, it was offered in a completely different edition…

One of the main features of this model was its sumptuous control panel, called The Gallery, which is basically a piece of reinforced glass, with embroidered artwork that can be personalized according to the wishes of the owner, which turned it into a blank canvas for expression of creativity.

We had the opportunity to see the many options of The Gallery that presented it as an expression of art, design and engineering excellence, and one of those examples is certainly Iriddescent Opulence, which was designed by the Swiss brand, Nature Squared.

This company specializes in creating beautiful finishing details using the latest technology and sustainable, natural materials, so The Gallery in their vision contains more than 3,000 sustainably obtained feathers, creating an incredible masterpiece.

“The Gallery concept has given us the opportunity to work with our natural products, which have never been seen before in the automotive world,” said Martin Ehrath, Head of Research and Development. Extensive research has been done to identify a viable bird species with the right feathers, which was chosen because of its magical color gradient.

More than 3,000 feathers are individually shaped to accentuate the shine and rich shades, to then be hand-stitched on the open-pore material. The Gallery in this edition looks like its composition comes from its heart, ie the clock, which is additionally accentuated with mother-of-pearl details.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Iridescent Opulence is currently on display at the Abu Dhabi Motors showroom, which is also the most successful Rolls Royce car dealer in the world. “The Gallery in the Rolls Royce Phantom model is a unique space that creates the perfect scene for art display,” said Cesar Habib, Regional Director of Rolls Royce Motor Cars Middle East & Africa.

“Iridescent Opulence in Nature Squared performance is a brilliant example of what can be ordered and presented in that space. I am especially proud of the fact that this model is in our showroom, ”he added.

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