Ultimate luxury - Rolls Royce Wraith Regatta

For many of us, Rolls Royce Wraith is the definition of a luxury car, but some people still think that it is not opulent enough for them...

It is precisely for this reason that the American designer Eddie Sotto created this incredible package for the famous Rolls. Dubbed Rolls Royce Wraith Regatta, Eddie presented us his version of the car that speaks his language and which is the fruit of his labor and wild imagination, inspired by the classic wooden yacht with mahogany detailing on the hood, roof and at the rear, along with numerous other excellent details.

But, before we go deeper into the story, did we mention that Sotto’s package alone costs about $ 700,000? Add to that the cost of Rolls Royce Wraith models and you will reach millions, but who cares when you can choose your favorite mix of wood and colors for this premium, expensive coupe?

Sotto seems disappointed by recent Rolls Royce custom-made projects, when this famous and legendary car lost a discreet and timeless elegance for which this British brand known.

Inside the driver's cabin, things are no less impressive or luxurious compared to the interior, because this car has an identical nautical theme. Wood detailing on door panels and control panel, brass accents and nautical inserts are something that immediately attracted our attention.

Further adjustments to this package will be created by a team from California Aria group, and there is no reason for concern. If you're in a good mood, you can buy a private jet in the same style - Embraer Lineage 1000 to only 83 million dollars.

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