World's UGLIEST Ferrari

An innovator in the field of digital art, Lawrence Garten, presented his works at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and is known for creating unique items...

His latest "masterpiece", if you can call it that, is the ugliest Ferrari in the world. In doing so, the artist claims that the aforementioned Ferrari is worth one million dollars.

''’Ferrari should be left alone and that is enough ', that may be true, but when a collector has more than ten Ferraris, you begin to see new options, "said Garten.”Artistic and cultural minds change through the process of thinking. I take off my hat to Enzo Ferrari who had a real vision of the world of motorsports. It all boils down to the prophetic character. "

However, we believe that Garten, whose work is part of the permanent exhibition of the Smithsonian museums, didn’t intend to create such an unattractive car. He turned the Scuderia Ferrari F4320 of $ 300,000 into a moving canvas, using every conceivable color in a rather unusual combo, and allegedly artistic social network Artfellas asked him to do that.

Look at the footage of how this car looks, although you will hardly succeed because the cameraman, just like the artist who has worked on this car, got a little carried away.

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