Yangwang U9: Chinese Electric Supercar with 1,287 HP and a Price Tag of $234,000

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With a starting price of $234,000, this Chinese electric supercar boasting 1,287 horsepower can easily outpace every European gas-powered model...

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has finally unveiled the Yangwang U9 electric supercar, boasting impressive performance figures and unique features. The company has begun accepting orders for the luxury electric supercar in China, with prices starting at 1.68 million yuan (about $234,000), making it the most expensive vehicle in the automaker's product portfolio. The U9 will be sold under the EV maker's luxury sub-brand, Yangwang, launched in early 2023. Currently, the brand only offers the U8 luxury electric SUV, which went on sale several months ago. The U9 can be ordered with a deposit of 300,000 yuan (around $42,000), BYD announced on Weibo. "The Yangwang U9 will allow you to experience excitement whether driving on racetracks or city streets," BYD said on the microblogging platform. "It marks the beginning of a new era in which fully electric supercars become the perfect choice for customers."

BYD has been teasing the Yangwang U9 and its unique features for some time now. The electric supercar is equipped with four electric motors, one on each wheel, capable of producing a combined output of 1,287 horsepower. As a result, the U9 can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.36 seconds and achieve a top speed of 192 mph. That makes it faster than any European production supercar with a gasoline engine and poses serious competition to the Tesla Model S Plaid. The supercar is powered by BYD's lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a capacity of 80 kWh, providing a claimed range of 280 miles.

BYD says the U9 features 800-volt architecture and offers up to 500 kW of DC rapid charging capacity, enabling the battery pack to charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. Additionally, the Yangwang U9 is the first Chinese production car with a carbon fiber chassis. Last year, the EV maker showcased the supercar's high-tech DiSus-X active body control system. The supercar can not only leap several inches above the ground thanks to the innovative suspension technology but can also drive on only three wheels. Certainly, neither Lamborghini nor Ferrari can do that! However, the U9 will initially be sold only in China.

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