Chinese Electric Off-Roader with a Helicopter: Revolutionizing Urban Transport

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The Chinese 6x6 electric off-roader, styled after Elon Musk's Cybertruck, hides a two-seater electric helicopter behind its rear cover, and the start of its production is announced for the near future...

Every year at the CES exhibition, at least a few flying car concepts promise to revolutionize urban transport forever. This year's edition of the world's largest and most powerful tech event is no different. Chinese automaker XPeng and its electric aviation division, AeroHT, presented not one but two flying car concepts, which differ significantly in design and approach. The one that caught our attention is the modular "Land Aircraft Carrier," which the company says will soon go into mass production. Haven't we heard that before? Almost all such concepts have turned out to be unrealized dreams. However, this concept is not only pretty cool but also somewhat more realistic.

The Land Aircraft Carrier is designed as a futuristic-looking van with 6x6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering. Like all other XPeng vehicles and concepts, the modular car features a fully electric powertrain. However, there are no details about the motors or battery pack powering them.

The most interesting part of the vehicle is its unique two-part design, which seamlessly transitions from a ground-based to an airborne mode. The van essentially acts as the Ground Module for a small two-seater helicopter called the Air Module.

According to the company, the aircraft is capable of vertical takeoff/landing and low-altitude flights, and its electric propulsion system meets safety requirements in the event of a single failure. Moreover, the eVTOL supports manual and autonomous flight modes. XPeng says it is "committed to producing the safest intelligent electric flying car for personal use." While the price hasn't been announced, the company's founder, He Xiaopeng, stated that the carrier will be priced in the range of 1 million RMB ($140,500). XPeng plans to start accepting pre-orders in the fourth quarter of this year.

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