Henne BMW Landspeeder

Texas Store Revival Cycles believes that the motorcycles are much more than simple machines, just as their amazing aesthetic expression demonstrates...

Beautiful Henne BMW Landspeeder how this bike is called was a way of proving by the creative team of this store, that the overall aesthetics is more important than technologically advanced equipment on the bike. Looking at this amazing project, we have to agree with their vision.

Handmade motorcycle that you can see in our gallery, was strongly influenced by the original Ernst Henne’s Landspeeder, which enabled him to break 76 world records in speed, in the period from 1929 to 1937. This Texan Shop worked for about a month to design the aluminum bike body, and by all accounts, their effort was truly amazing.

In accordance with an existing theme, valve covers and hardware are made of stainless materials are fully adapted to this model. Its front suspension is set at an angle of 24 degrees and contains the classic chain suspension with progressive kinetic links. What do you think of this bad boy?

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