120 million dollars supersonic jet

Increasingly popular manufacturer supersonic aircraft, Aerion, recently published great news...

The company Flexjet decided to order 20 copies of their Aerion AS2 model. This company is the first operator to decide on the venture, which is quite surprising, considering that the first supersonic passenger plane was presented in 2003.

In addition to the fact that each plane costs $ 120 million, it becomes clearer why there are no more such models in commercial use. According to the company Aerion, AS2 will have enough space for 8 to 12 passengers in the cabin almost ten meters long, and they will get to their destination lightning speed of Mach 1.5, or 1593,251 km / h.

With an amazing range of 5,466 miles, this model reduces the time across the Atlantic in three hours, a journey across the Pacific for six hours, if not more.

The two companies will apparently work together to design customized, premium cabin with specific interior. Aerion also announced that its partnership with Airbus Group is on the rise, but the company is now seeking a place to build production drive.

Given that Airbus contributes this program, which offers its engineering, logistics and management, it seems to us that the company from Nevada will have really successful business. The first flight with the new Aerion AS2 is expected in 2021, while deliveries will have to wait until 2023.

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