AIRBUS H160 - technological wonder

Airbus H160 is definitely one of the most advanced helicopter today...

This incredible aircraft was introduced recently in Orlando and it had immediately attracted a lot of attention. Created by company Boeing Helicopter which is known for its exceptional aircraft, H160 is their most advanced helicopter so far.

Airbus H160 comes with a completely new design that really looks impressive. The helicopter is made of composites, which reduces weight, while not affecting the firmness of the aircraft. Thanks to its lightweight shell and the material from which it is made, this helicopter is an incredibly small consumer, is resistant to corrosion and requires much less maintenance than other aircraft.

Airbus H160 has a specially designed tail which increases the aerodynamics and stability of the aircraft. H160 runs Arran Turbomeca engine that consumes 20% less fuel than other engines. This amazing helicopter in itself can accommodate 12 people and can move at a speed of 300 km / h.

It is not yet known how much will this technological marvel cost, but we know it will be on sale in 2018.

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