In the middle of this century, airplanes in the ``Smarter sky`` vision, will fly off from shorter runways, and they will without a pilot chose their own rout, so they can save every gallon of fuel.

Employed in the Airbus company have been working on the future of air industry, and as we already seen how they imagine transparent planes, in their last vision they have turned to savings in time and ecology. ``Smarter sky`` vision shows how in 2050 could look like, traveling by airplane, and it is all concentrated on savings of duel and shorter flights.

So they have imagined that planes will have help while taking off, planes would lift off from shorter runways and with lot more steep, so they could reach designated height in shorter period. Smart airplanes would organize themselves and chose the best rout, depended on weather conditions. On the popular routes they would fly like birds in formations. When it comes to landing, airplanes would slow down earlier and land almost like small aircrafts, and would shut down their engines earlier.

New bio fuels and alternative sources of energy will be necessary to ensure they all have enough amounts of fuel and save the environment in the process, and also airfields will be powered from windmills that creates electricity or from solar panels. According to Airbus, flights should be 13 minutes shorter in average, and that could save up to 9 million tons of fuel per year.

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