Avro Business Jet - luxurious flying residence

Brilliant team from DesignQ, the design studio of the United Kingdom, has accepted the challenge from BAE Systems to create an irresistible luxury concept for regional aircraft....

One of its proposal, called Elegante, the company describes as a comfortable luxury, but we would simply call it magnificent. Rich materials and fluid forms are combined in this design, and escorted with advanced technologies, to form a graceful and very intriguing environment.

The spacious layout of the aircraft contains a large kitchen in the front, beautiful lodge, as well as a welcoming dining room in the central part, where there is plenty of room for eight passengers, who can enjoy a meal in complete comfort. Meanwhile, in the rear, a private loggia with comfortable sofas and bookshelves will get you in the right mood, and we are sure that it will make your day if you also receive your favorite drink.

Furthermore, a bedroom with a spacious shower and a luxurious dressing room are there to make an impression, while the Avro Business Jet is flying to your destination, at a maximum speed of 800 kmh. In this cabin, there was once enough room for 100 passengers, which actually speaks volumes about its size.

The price of this exclusive interior is six million dollars, which is not so much if you already have your own private plane, according to Howard Guy, director DesignQ study.

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