Boeing gives us a better view of the world

Boeing plans to transfer the experience of flying to a new level with its SkyView panoramic window, which should be the largest passenger plane in the window, when it’s officially presented next year...

However, before you rejoice this information, know that only Boeing Business Jet aircraft will have this window as an option, and that only their passengers will be able to enjoy the incredible view of the ground from the air.

This new window is three times wider than the standard, and is significantly higher, and Boeing plans to install them in their new business jets to make any experience of traveling for business people were far more interesting than it is now. The new window is designed in acrylic, and produced by GKN Aerospace Fokker Technologies division. Also, these windows can become part of the aircraft that have already been produced.

Although beautiful business aircraft from Boeing are already impressive and worth a lot of money, there is always room for improvement and upgrades, and this unique supplement is in any case the right move. It adds even more luxury and exclusivity to Boeing business lines, and is currently in the process of developing and obtaining all necessary certificates.

For now, we have no idea how much the installation of such windows costs, but we cannot wait for next year and the first trip with this new concept!

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