Emirates introduced a private plane that makes first class seem like economy

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Although really great, the Emirates A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft are not functional for those who prefer or need to fly private.

This is exactly where the Airbus A319 ACJ Executive Jet enters the scene, and takes care of the uncrowned royal families of the world. Ironically, several high net worth individuals, celebrities and organizations cannot afford to fly economy class but always want to fly Emirates for exceptional service. The Executive A319ACJ can transport billionaires and their teams (19 guests in total) in the lap of luxury.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates' senior vice president of planning, aeropolicy and industry affairs, commented: "We have seen increasing demand in the private travel segment, particularly in the Middle East and Europe, as well as in markets such as India, Russia, and China, and we want to enter this niche market with high quality service and attention to detail.” This private jet has a range of 8 hours from any airport and can reach all continents, with one stop in America. Let's explore what wonders the Emirates Executive Jet contains.

Luxurious private apartments

The interior of the Emirates Executive A319 can be fully customized to suit your travel needs. The suites impress first with their size (the private suites are larger than those in Emirates First Class cabins) and then with their privacy.

There are also sliding doors, which can enclose passengers in their cozy cocoon, which also includes lie-flat seats, a visitor's chair and ambient lighting.

A well-stocked mini-bar and a 32-inch personal screen for in-flight entertainment take care of fun and relaxation. From personal service to basking in a king-size feather bed, the experience is truly unparalleled.

A rejuvenating spa

Flying private also means rejuvenating mid-flight in a luxurious shower cabin and separate toilet area. Make the most of your free time 12,000 meters in the air by relaxing in the spa section with classic walnut and marble decor and treating yourself to the finest linens; allow your fast-paced life to slow down as you indulge in an array of enchanting Sodashi luxury spa products.

Dinner among the stars

Emirates' master chefs make travel smooth and luxurious with sumptuous meals, delicious light snacks, gourmet buffets when traveling with your family or friends, afternoon tea with hors d'oeuvres and the most interesting cocktails and canapés.

Like a five-star hotel room, a dedicated living room is a place where conversations, discussions or meals take place at your discretion. The spacious section can be configured as a private restaurant, meeting room or space where you can rest and relax with friends.

Non-stop work

For billionaires, work and time don't go hand in hand. The Emirates Airbus A319 ACJ Executive Jet makes your crazy schedule manageable, allowing you to do business around the world with a great trio of convenience, luxury and superior service. You can have your own team and do business as usual, albeit at an altitude of 12,000 meters. Some businessman may simply have to be in Dubai for breakfast, while business partners will be waiting for him at evening cocktails somewhere in Europe. For business on the go, a conference table can be set up with the latest technology at your disposal.

Passengers get high-speed internet and telephone network throughout the flight. Entertaining guests is easy as the private office doubles as a lounge for drinks and canapés. As for business trips, 15 guests can sleep in suites, while the rest snooze on five converted beds in the lounge.

Although prices for an Emirates Executive Jet vary on many factors such as route, number of passengers and so on, you can expect to shell out around $15,000 to $20,000 per hour.

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