Forget about cars: Drones are the future of transportation

EHang 184 drone was modeled on small drones, but with one small difference, it can transport people.

Flying cars have always been the dream of every man, and it seems that we will make this dream come true. It may not be in terms of cars we are used to, but thanks to this technology, people will soar into the heavens.

This drone is designed with the purpose to be automated personal vehicle that can carry only one person. When you take off, it can fly 23 minutes without stopping. Although it seems that 23 minutes are not really some time, when you fly by air, it is quite enough to jump over higher mileage. The battery of this drone is also very practically designed so that after full discharge, it charges for only 2 hours.

Controls will be very simple and completely automatic. The driver, i.e., the pilot will have to enter the coordinates of the desired location, and the drone will perform all the necessary functions.

This is truly amazing and revolutionary idea that will, hopefully, in the near future realize the dream that exists for centuries.

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