From one corner of the Earth to another in just a few minutes

Some of you have probably heard of Skreemr, ambitious aircraft project, which was developed by a Canadian designer and engineer Charles Bombardier...

When creating his design, Mr Bombardier promised the world speed of several Machs. But this futuristic concept had a few problems with the design that should be addressed, before even thinking about creating a real prototype.

Now, when there are numerous concepts of jets in the world, a new prototype called extreme Antipode appeared and it will overcome everything Bombardier promised with his design. Developers of the concept brag about a speed of 24 Mach. Can you imagine traveling at this speed? This plane will be able to transport ten people at a distance of 20,000 km in less than an hour which sounds like science fiction.

Antipode plane will be able to take off from any runway, thanks to the rocket boosters that are attached to its wings. Also, thanks to them, this plane will be able to reach a height of 12 kilometers and a speed of Mach 5. After that, the next stage includes supersonic engines that will provide him with a speed of 24 Mach.

So, from New York to London, this plane will arrive in 11 minutes, from New York to Dubai to 22, and from New York to Shanghai in just 24 minutes. This is definitely the closest thing to teleport, we ever had the opportunity to see.

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