Lillium jet - first fully electrical plane

Lilium Jet will soon shake the world of airline industry as the first fully electric airplane...

Besides the fact that it will not have any kind of emissions, this cool plane has the ability for vertical takeoff and landing. Lilium will have the option of flight at a height of about 3 km with only two people, while cruising speed will be 290 km / h. Maximum speed is 402 km / h while its range according to the official description is 482 km.

This innovative electric plane uses a series of electric motors, which generate a total of 435 HP to be able to achieve its impressive top speed. Control and navigation are part of a computer control system. Owners of this aircraft will be required to have only SPL licenses for the flying this jet.

Stylish, fast and eco-friendly, Lilium jet will have the option of folding wings and driving along the road like a car. This concept is still in the development process, while Lilium company, which was founded less than a year, is led by four talented people from Germany.

The budget for this amazing electric plane comes from the ESA - European Space Agency and the KIC program of the European Union. Flights should be ready for takeoff 2018, with all the necessary certificates and papers.

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