Luxury sky yacht

With Flagship Embraer Lineage 1000 as inspiration, Skyacht One design is a beautiful new luxury project of an airplane...

It has a range of 4,600 nm and its passengers have the opportunity to enjoy the more than 400 m2 of space in the cabin. But this plane hides some really special benefits that may not be visible to the naked eye - it is more adventure than just a plane.

Its impeccable design features the same level of luxury that we are used to see at the best superyacht, which is why it is named Skyacht One, and is one of the most luxurious private jets ever.

When you board the plane, you will find a private conference room, the splendid main cabin with a large sofa, a cocktail bar and a massive TV set, and there is a beautiful master suite. It is has a comfortable bed, bathroom, shower and more.

In essence, the interior of the plane is filled with elements of luxury leather, mahogany and intelligent lighting, which changes its color depending on the view. Enjoy our gallery and estimate whether this modern aircraft is worth $ 83 million.

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