Luxury travel to the edge of space

If you have a need to feel the speed, you can do this in several ways, in addition to buying a supercar or motorcycle...

You can transfer things to a whole new level with this incredible capability, which gives you the option to enjoy the abnormal exciting supersonic speed for a few seconds. To clarify - we're talking about the adventure up to the edge of space. If you have € 19,000 and a strong stomach, you really should try this. Fly Jet Fighter now offers this feature, and the opportunity to ride in a MiG-29 Fulcrum and the ability to wave to your family and friends from 22 km altitude.

Overall your experience depends on weather conditions and air temperature, and the company can certainly guarantee a flight to an altitude of 17 km. The ride takes 45-50 minutes and gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy the rush of adrenaline, which is the product speed of two Mach.

Part of the package is enjoying some incredible maneuvers also, such as rotation, steep ups and downs, and we do not even need to mention the excitement you’ll feel when you see the Earth from this distance. If you ever want proof that you have been on this trip, or you have some unbelievers among friends, you should know that every traveler will get the certificate of the adventure. Do you have everything you need for this adventure?

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