Make this the year you fly private

Chartering your own private jet has often been seen as only accessible to the rich and famous. Although more often than not this is true, it is slowly becoming a more affordable way to travel, especially as we fly into 2019.

Many private jet companies are now expanding their locations and offerings, meaning that some travel routes are proving to be cheaper when flying private over flying commercial. It begs the question that why are we not looking into this more when planning our next adventure abroad.

There are an abundance of exciting destinations you can explore

Have you ever wanted to experience a new and exciting location, but your usual commercial airline can’t fly there? Travelling private could be the solution to your problem. Whether you’re looking for snow or the perfect mix of sun, sand and sea, destinations such as Telluride in Colorado or Anguilla in the Caribbean are the perfect places for you.

With their small runways, one of which is a mere 5,000 foot-long and far too small to accommodate regular commercial flights, they are ideal for chartering a private jet with your friends and family.

Ever wanted to holiday on your own idyllic island? Somewhere private and exclusively yours to enjoy with a group of your nearest and dearest? Via private jet, you could holiday like royals on North Island in Seychelles, just as Prince William and Kate Middleton did. Or if you’re looking for something more adventurous and want to dive into the world of snorkelling, exploring our crisp blue oceans, you could always jet off to Quilalea Island in Mozambique, boasting sights of dolphins, and perhaps even the odd humpback whale.

With plenty of benefits to flying private, why would you not?

Have you ever been planning your next dream trip, checked the flight times and had your heart fill with dread? The thought of a 4am flight time means near to no sleep the night before, mix that with a very early start, plus a potentially long drive to your “nearest” airport and you have a recipe for a painful start to your next adventure.

Choosing to travel private gives you the opportunity to fly at a time that most suits you and your party. Imagine how a leisurely trip to the airport would feel. Breakfast? No stress. You’ll have time for that too as most private jets fly from extremely convenient airports across the UK.

Want to fly on a Sunday but your commercial airline has no flights on offer? By choosing to charter a private jet, you can travel at not only a time that suits you, but also a day too.

Worried about the expense? With the continued rise in commercial airline tickets due to the price of oil rising by 25% in 2018, you may find that by splitting the cost with a group of friends or family you may be holidaying with, chartering a private jet may actually be cheaper on occasion than flying commercially.

What are you waiting for? Discover your next adventure and travel like a superstar this year by choosing private. 

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