Modern Valkyrie for a comfortable voyage

Valkyrie is a plane designed by Co50 Cobalt Aircraft Company and is one of the fastest aircraft in the market, designed as the safest...

Inspired by the classic fighter jets, with sleek lines and premium finishing touches, this premium private jet will impress you with its understated elegance. Its exterior was presented with a whole range of personalization options, including darker colors and composites. Its controls are extremely precise mechanisms, while the landing gear is made of top-quality high-performance alloys.

The interior of the Valkyrie has premium leather seats that are handmade by former Hermes artists, and have a variety of customizable parameters. The control panel is impressively designed with a single on / off switch and modern place for your iPad. In this plane there is enough room for five people, including the pilot. Also, there's plenty of room for golf equipment, skis and suitcases. Cobalt promotes the highest standards in the field of security in this industry. Valkyrie has a specific "canard" configuration, which is particularly due to their aerodynamic performance.

Designed with speed in mind, Valkyrie is the fastest private jet in its class, with the ability to travel at a speed of 260 knots, while the fastest planes of this class are able to extract a maximum of 242 knots. With excellent design, this model of private planes has the safest takeoff and landing, and as an additional sense of security, there are also parachutes as standard equipment.

Valkyrie’s propulsion engine is in the rear of the plane, which ensures a quiet and pleasant flight inside the cabin. Pilots who will manage the Valkyrie will certainly appreciate its beautiful design with increased visibility. Otherwise, this plane has the largest one-piece panoramic sunroof. The price of this aircraft is approximately $ 1.4 million, and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2017.

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