Viewport Studio, design agency based in London and Singapore, designed the latest edition of Virgin Atlantic Airways first class bar, as well as the interior cabin of the first Boeing 787-9 in Europe.

Under its former name, VW + BS, Viewport Studio designed the bar and cabin Airbus A330 models for Virgin Atlantic in 2012. This year, they were again engaged to design a completely new concept for the Boeing Dreamliner bar 787 model. The interior of the cabin is wider and higher than its predecessor, and it has been carefully designed with cathedral arches and passageways, to emphasize the additional height. Hanging bar and sharp passage created a unique architectural quality, while the angled ceiling panels create a subtle light transmission in space.

The vision that is behind this project is to create the original space for social gathering, which gives clients of Virgin Atlantic the freedom and space for socializing with fellow travelers. To achieve this, Viewport Studio has made a corner bar that is looking at passengers boarding the plane and encourages them to gather around it, so creating a whole new dynamic. Around the bar there are four chairs that are arranged as a dining table, in order to encourage further interaction and socializing in this area.

The color palette of the interior is sophisticated and refined, where the ambience is defined more by light than the materials used. "We wanted to create a neutral canvas, using less material and soft colors with an emphasis on white, so that lighting design could be fully utilized to achieve best possible effect," says communications director Ian Macreed. "We have created a three-dimensional pattern based on a sample of cracking ice, which we found in traditional Chinese screens, so the light is refracted in a very interesting way."

Each element has a very tactile surface quality, from innovative specially shaped bar stools and surfaces that have been made as edges in the aisles, to those with high gloss texture on the front of the bar. Barstools are designed as distinctive elements of furniture with metallic inserts that reflect light from the bottom of the bar. On both sides, the bar has distinct elements. On the one hand there are the bottles from which serves drinks, on the other hand are lined latest editions of popular magazines. Both of these elements are illuminated by brilliantly textured white walls, and the same pattern cracking ice, to get a very dynamic characteristic.

The overall effect of this new design is sleek and modern product with small components of surprises and depth. Bar and cabins are designed as side by side, along with a whole host of other design elements such as new uniforms, which for the purposes of Virgin Airlines company designed Vivienne Westwood.

Photo: Adelto

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