Piaggio Avandi EVO combines the best of Italian style, refined workmanship and intelligent thinking, with the aim of creating a plane that is the embodiment of these values...

This enhanced version of the Avanti II model is the world's fastest, most efficient and most beautiful twin-turbo prop plane. With a top speed of 402 knots, this new plane is faster than many others. Elegant wing supports its efficiency and sophisticated look, while the new curved propellers reduce noise. The system is a maximally enhanced for the security in this model, while its range is 1720 nm. It also boast reduced emissions of fuel.

More than just beautiful and distinctive, Avanti EVO model presents some of the most advanced aerodynamic concepts in the world, and production technology throughout the airline industry. In the center of its efficiency and innovation is historical 3LS - Three Lifting Surface design, which contributes to safety and efficiency.

Innovations in the cabin are presented in technology and superior luxury, plan space, equipment, bathrooms and the options of customization of EVO Avanti aircraft to your needs, so that each trip is a real pleasure. Avanti aircraft EVO brings you greater range and flexibility, so that pilots and passengers could have more options and convenience than ever before.

Its new Increased Range configuration increases range up to 1720nm or 3185km, in order to be ready for transcontinental trips and short trips to any destination without stopping.

Price of this plane is 7.395 million dollars, and it is already commissioned for three models. The first delivery of the new Piaggio Avanti Avanti EVO models is scheduled for October this year.

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