What's it like to fly in a 21.000 dollars first class cabin?

This lucky guy has got a free flight in first class, which costs a fortune...

The hero of this video is Casey Nejstat, who surprisingly got a transfer from economy to first class. It's Emirates Airlines Company that is known for its luxury planes and offers. A flight the first class in this company will cost $ 21,000 which is really incredible. Casey was flying from Dubai to New York, so he boarded a flight that lasts 14 hours.

He decided to document every part of his journey and to present us what it looks like to stay in the pricey first class. First thing he noticed was his “seat”. In contrast to the economy class, the story here is quite different. In the first class you have your cabin that can be closed and completely isolated from the rest of the plane. The seat is equipped with various functions and it is incredibly comfortable.

Everything is fully automated. In the cabin you have a television that lets you watch movies, track flight details, or watch the news and browse the internet. You also get a mini tablet that helps you control all electronic devices in the cabin.

Of course, if you're thirsty, you have your mini bar available. There’s no designated lunch time, but you can order whatever you want and aviation chefs will do their best to make that meal, just like in a restaurant.

If during this long flight you want to sleep, your seat turns into an incredibly comfortable bed, while a flight attendant will make sure you get everything you need. Pajamas, slippers and other accessories are, of course, included.

But that's not all.

Before they landed, Casey has noticed a very interesting thing, and that is SHOWER IN AIRCRAFT. Yes, we were shocked.

An hour before landing the plane, Casey went to a huge bathroom that also impressed him. Inside, he had everything he needed and had 30 minutes of time to stay in the airplane bathroom. Casey says bathing in the air is really incredible.

"This has been an incredible journey. The worst and most uncomfortable part of the trip now might be the best. I really enjoyed this, and I will never forget, "said Casey.

See the video clip with a short presentation of his first-class travel.

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