Kenshō: Between Sky and Sea

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The luxurious Kenshō project, signed by the Jouin Manku studio, presents a revolutionary approach to yacht design...

The question arises: can yachts be designed differently? The answer is simple: Kenshō. This magnificent yacht truly represents a revolutionary project that surpasses the usual industry standards. Actively involved in the interior design were Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, founders of the Jouin Manku studio, who set themselves the challenge of creating a truly unique and surprising inner world.

This project was awarded in 2023 as the Best Interior Design in the category of Motor Yachts 500GT and above, along with other recognitions, and the realization of this luxury super yacht was made possible thanks to a group of professionals engaged to help the client create the yacht of their dreams. The design team included Azure Yacht Design and, supported for technical aspects by Technical Marine UK and Trappmann Consulting. For the realization of ideas, the Admiral shipyard (part of The Italian Sea Group) was selected.

Kenshō, which according to Japanese Zen tradition means to see one's true nature, incorporates a philosophy that reimagines the status quo of residential and naval architecture, creating a new way of experiencing the sea that combines aesthetics and technical feasibility. The Jouin Manku studio completely departed from the idea of transferring typical "terrestrial" design elements onto the water, instead embracing all the opportunities and aspects offered by the maritime world, such as light and expansive views of the sea, characteristics made possible by significant windows that define different spaces on the ship.

Three years of work, 75 square meters of surface area, a pool of over 22 meters at sea level, guest cabins 7 meters deep, a spacious master cabin of 13 meters, ceilings 2.7 meters high. These are just some of the numbers that have made the Kenshō project a revolutionary architectural configuration. In Kenshō, high and generous ceilings, panoramic views, intelligent and modular configurations adapt to enhance space, intimacy, and comfort. Noble materials are skillfully transformed into rounded and organic forms, including teak, marble, onyx, silk, wool, bronze, and glass: a diverse palette expressed in a deeply personal and poetic design. Spaces are designed to naturally blend into each other, like brushstrokes on a canvas.

In this refined context, Ester, designed by Patrick Jouin, both in chair and armchair versions, finds its natural place. Starting from 2013, Ester marks the beginning of a partnership that reflects the combination of design expression and Pedrali brand knowledge. In addition to working on interior projects with the Jouin Manku studio, the designer also works on industrial design projects with his Patrick Jouin ID studio founded in 1998. The evolution of Patrick Jouin's career was celebrated in 2009 with a monographic exhibition at the Centre Pompidou and in 2011 with the awarding of the Compasso d'Oro ADI. It is precisely in this context that the foundations of collaboration with the Italian company were laid, as the designer emphasizes: "During the celebration of the ADI Compasso d'Oro in Rome in 2011, I met Monica and Giuseppe Pedrali. Some time later, we met again to start thinking about creating an upholstered, elegant and comfortable seat for Alain Ducasse's Dorchester restaurant in London. That's how Ester was born". The name of this collection is inspired by the place for which it was created.

From the first armchair, a true collection was born, which represents a mix of elegance, ergonomics, and functionality. The soft and graceful lines and the great comfort offered by Ester, characterized by the upholstered shell in polyurethane foam with elastic belts and die-cast aluminum legs, stand out in the interior of the most exclusive restaurants and hotels on the international scene.

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