Mercedes C63 AMG owned by a Russian millionairess

What is luxury and an expensive car for you? Mercedes, BMW, Porsche or Bentley?

For a lady, none of this was enough and she gave a new description to luxury. Daria Radionova from London loves cars and Swarovski crystals, and therefore she wished to combine her two loves in one thing. Her unique Mercedes CLS 350, which is decorated with millions of sparkling crystals, some time ago has taken possession of the Internet.

She apparently possesses another shiny car, but it's abnormally fast C63 AMG. Decorated with matt black paint, this car is embedded with hundreds of thousands of Swarovski crystals which refract glow flawlessly, just like a real contrast of black body.

Even those who are not fans of sparkles confirmed that her car is decorated with taste, and that the gold paint on the door frames, brakes and so on is the icing on the cake.

Daria’s expensive car was recorded by Rizz Khan, while he was filming in the UK. He has worked for Channel 4 special report, Rich Kids of Instagram, but if you remember, we have already dealt with this topic.

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