BMW Japan appeared on the motor show in Osaka with two amazing cases...

Designers Keiji Kavakita and Kenji Nagai have created two amazing two-wheelers that are based on the BMW K1600 GTL model. GTL is one of the most successful BMW models with its impressive engine of 1649cc and it is one of the most powerful BMW models. However, Japanese designers have still managed to improve these phenomenal two-wheelers.

The first model is Hot Dock Juggernaut whose powerful appearance emphasizes the enormous strength and speed. Aluminum die details, matte gray color, and beautiful motor housing make this two-wheeler a real masterpiece.

After Juggernaut, Ken Factory version GTL two-wheelers come around. This motorcycle is characterized by long and sloping design that is reminiscent of the American "drag" engines. The engine was stripped down and seemed to have been left only with the most basic details. The huge reservoir, short sport fork, beautiful headlight and huge wheels make this version of the BMW really impressive.

The Japanese have proven that they are very serious when it comes to two-wheelers, and we hope that we will soon present another engine that will delight us as Juggernaut and Ken Factory GL.

Photo: Bikeexif

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