Combat Wraith - unique 155.000 dollars motorcycle

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We’re presenting you the 2020 Combat Wraith, a specially made motorcycle from an American company that comes with a price of 155,000 dollars ...

With this incredible figure, it is possible to provide yourself with a Porsche Cayman GT4 car and another more than high-quality super motorcycle, while still having some money left. However, there are many reasons why Combat Wraith is quite worthy of this amount, and exclusivity is definitely one of them.

Created in Alabama, the unique two-wheeler is created from solid aluminum blocks of the military industry and is powered by a 2163 cc engine, the S&S X-Wedge unit that generates 145 braking horsepower at 5,100 rpm and almost 217 Nm at 2,000 rpm. This power is enough to accelerate the motorcycle to a maximum of 257,495 km / h, while Combat Motors also offers a Wraith variant with a unit of 1,900 cubic centimeters.

The overemphasized style of the Wraith model, an exoskeleton-like chassis, may remind you of certain motorcycles, which is not surprising since Combat Motors LLC acquired the intellectual property rights and design of the Confederate line, purchased two years ago. The Confederate Motors company was renamed Curtiss Motorcycles shortly before that, during 2017, while this boutique brand of the motorcycle scene also brings amazing offers to all current owners of Combat Motors, Curtiss and Confederate lines.

The manufacturer offers its old customers the option to return the model and the full amount of their price, which they include in the bill of the new Wraith motorcycle. For everyone else, the Combat Motors brand accepts reservations for the new model with an initial deposit of $ 100,000.

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