Ducati is refreshing its Scrambler range

Ducati has just unveiled its new offering for the Scrambler 1100 setup, which comes with refreshed graphics, a new exhaust system, seat accents and a shorter rear bumper…

Refreshing its Scrambler portfolio, the new Scrambler 1100 Pro features a two-tone Ocean Drive color scheme, which comes in conjunction with a steel frame and rear aluminum subframe, all finished in black. The exhaust pipes were relocated to create the traditional Ducati arrangement with dual options on the right side of the engine. In addition, the Scrambler 1100 Pro received a lowered license plate holder and black metal X inlaid inside the headlamp.

The other model from the new range, the Scrambler 1100 Sports Pro, has received all the above-mentioned innovations, and it comes with several additional options, which position it as the top variant. The new model received a 48mm Ohlins front fork instead of the standard 45mm Marzocchi variant, as well as an accompanying Ohlins shock absorber that changes the Kayaba unit. In addition, the novelty features lowered handles, specific rearview mirrors and a matte black exterior, along with an 1100 sticker on the tank. For now, we do not have price information for the new models, but we do know that they will be on sale by spring.

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