Energica Eva - electric bike made in Italy

Energica Eva is the new fully electric motor, which is designed and engineered in Italy...

Of course, because of this information, you know that you can expect something with great looks and incredible performance. This motor has cooling in the form of permanently magnetized oil and an output of 70 kW and has 170 Nm of torque.

Drivers who want to travel further away on their bike, with this model can exceed 200 km at a speed of 200 km / h in its Sport Mode regime, which is more than impressive. In order to make the ride smooth and comfortable, batteries, power inverter, charger and brake system are constantly monitored and managed with the help of a sophisticated control unit.

What makes this motorcycle special is the fact that it has no gearbox or clutch. Ride-by-wire system will take care of everything, allowing riders to control the speed with the help of integrated regenerative brakes, which is fully adjustable.

Made of lightweight fiberglass panels, with steel tubular frame, Eva electric motor has a built-in GPS and Bluetooth module, which is permanently connected to your Smartphone. It seems that the first electric racing motorcycle is intended to be born in Italy!

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