Future looks awesome with BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

BMW Motorrad brand decided to shock us and leaves us all speechless a few days ago, when they presented their Vision Next 100 bike...

It is a superior concept on two wheels, which was created as the icing on the cake in celebration of the centenary of the brand. This model reminds us somewhat of the origin of the company, with its black triangular frame, which was created under the influence of BMW R32 motorcycle from 1923. Probably just because this masterpiece has a vintage vibes, although it looks futuristic and leads to the fantasy of the ultimate driving experience.

Only one frame, which looks like a work of art, connects the front and rear wheels of this model, with no visible joints and bearings. Called Flexframe, this frame gives the impression of naked bike, which also helps the management, allowing easy changes of direction and rigidity at very high speeds.

This concept also includes a wide range of modern and innovative technologies, which cooperate with the old-school driving experience, for maximum excitement. Its autonomic features should be mentioned, because the system self-managing and balancing in advance sees everything that happens on the road, offering maximum protection to the driver. So, for this model you may not be required to wear nor helmet nor protective suit.

As beautiful vision bike, this model tries to give us an analog experience in a digital age. Its visor is great and impressively functional, because its glass represents all important data. We hope to soon be able to see this concept in person, because with BMW Motorrad future really looks stunning.

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