New BMW concept

Presented at the 2016 Milan motorcycle fair, BMW HP4 Race is a fantastic concept, inspired by the idea of ​​a unique production model, which would use the frame and wheels made of carbon...

This remarkable bike has been designed to offer drivers the ultimate thrills on two wheels and almost the same experience that you experience on the racetrack. Some would say that the premiere of this bike at the fair was overshadowed by Ducati Superleggera model, but BMW managed to open the door with the use of carbon, which will soon completely replace metal in motorcycle construction.

When talking about supercars, carbon chassis adds flexibility and premium look, and we have to admit that we see the same things in the HP4 Race model, which comes with a modern WSB-spec Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and incredible engine.

Moreover, by all accounts, the components that make up this model will find its way to the production line and become part of the bike that will be reserved for racetracks, and of course, they shall possess a price that will perfectly reflect its specifications.

President of the BMW brand, Stefan Schaller, confirmed that the final version of the BMW HP4 Race will be exclusive limited edition machine, and more information on the model will be revealed next month.

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