Norton released model that bears the name of the Dominator on sale in mid-February, and ITS appearance and performance really dominate the road.

They are made in two versions OF Dominator two-wheelers. Both versions are completely legal and have Euro 3 emission rules, distinguished only by the specifications. Top Dominator SS model, which gives you maximum performance, will be available at a price of 24,500 pounds, while the basic version of the Dominator cost 19,950 pounds.

Stuart Garner, the Norton brand owner, said: "The Dominator is a very important model for us and our fans who loved our model previous Domiracer model will be delighted. Some of our Domiracer motorcycles are also sold for 40,000 pounds. "

This amazing two-wheeler has an engine with 961cc, which produces an output of 80 horsepower. Dominator visually looks beautiful and "oldschool" look is very present. It is very short which enables easy mobility; large exhaust pipes which are provided at the bottom of the engine beautifully adorn this two-wheeler.

We hope that the Dominator appears on our roads and that we will be able to enjoy his power and "cool" look.

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