Wicked vision of the perfect BMW bike

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More photos

Reminding us more of the Gundam robot with wheels than a motorcycle, the BMW S1000RR Phantom concept by Mehmet Doruk Edrem is a scene that really leaves a strong impression…

Of course, for now it's just a render, but if there was enough desire and money, it could very quickly conquer the city streets. The menacing creation of the famous designer uses the BMW S1000RR super motor as its base, seriously lowering its handles and adding a mask that reminds us of a cat ready to leap.

The seat of this concept seems to have been added in the form of a last thought, but who cares? The Phantom definitely seems to be made for straightforward lightning speed driving. It’s an  bike that could definitely be part of the universe of some futuristic movie or video game, designed for a protagonist who loves to take risks.

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