New Ducati monster has arrived

You can not afford a supercar? No need to worry, if you're willing to settle for two wheels instead of four ...

Ducati brand presents us with something that will absolutely delight every bike lover - Monster 1200 R - which will be the most powerful member of his family. Designed for those who love sports bikes, and offers you an experience that will provide you with such a burst of adrenaline, which probably you have never experienced.

Ducati Monster 1200 R motorcycle has an engine with twin cylinder that produces 160 horsepower. Compact and lightweight, this engine will impress everyone because it is taller than its predecessor, and offers extreme driving on curves and it is a lot more fun. It also has an advanced suspension systems and shock absorbers on the front fork.

Ducati company made sure that this engine is easy, using a component made of carbon fiber and special wheels. So, this bike is certainly practical, and even his appearance was no less special. The exclusive character of this engine can be observed in the attention to detail - the metal radiator covers have the letter R on it that was applied by sandblasting, while the seat iz made of the two materials and contrasting stitching.

You can either like or hate this bike, however, when you hear the sound of its engine, the whole situation can be reversed.


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