Perfect job opportunity for supercar lovers

A few years back, NASA published an ad which states that they are ready to pay 19.000 dollars to each person willing to sleep through two months for their scientific study…

Many have thought that this is the perfect job and honestly, not many people have objected them. However, this new job ad, which has just got its fifteen minutes of online fame, is actually ideal for all car lovers. British brand dedicated to luxury, HushHush, is looking for someone who will go to the UAE and look for abandoned supercars which they could later sell over their website.

Deserted supercars are actually an ordinary sight in United Ultra Reach Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai. Many of those vehicles are discarded by the richest men of the emirates, which the other ones are forgotten by “big-shots” trying to escape the country because of their strict rules tied with unpaid debts. Abandoned vehicles are eventually impounded by the police, if the car owner doesn’t contact them in a specific time.

The person who gets this job will have paid accommodation in Dubai, along with an allowance and travel expenses. In order to get this job, you need to be familiar with luxury cars and their value, you need to know how to negotiate and you need to be capable to find owner contact or the name of finance company within which the vehicle is registered.

This company will pay you 40.000 dollars and an additional fee for each located car which is sold. Aaron Hairpin, the founder of Hush Hush website, said: “This is a great opportunity for someone, and for us as well. The fact that there are so many abandoned vehicles in incredible and we do want to make money of them and offer our clients the best possible things. Also, because of their rarity, many of these cars can be really expensive, and as such, an amazing investment”.


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