Qatar Airways presents the most exclusive private jet for billionaires

Private jets are part of the everyday life of the richest people in the world, but apparently, this model will be available only to some of them…

The Qatar Airways division dedicated to private jets, Qatar Executive, is the first to add the Gulfstream G700 to its fleet. Apparently it is a new ace up their sleeve for airlines, which have become the world's first commercial operator Gulfstream G500 and the largest operator Gulfstream G650ER aircraft. Ten Gulfstream G700 business jets, which are said to be the largest in the world, were ordered by the renewed airline, with the first to be delivered in 2022. The G700 will join the current fleet of 19 models, while Qatar Executive has another 28 aircraft in its purchase order that will be delivered over the next few years.

The newly designed aircraft is planned for ultra-long flights, and is considered the most spacious and fastest in the business jet industry branch. Powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, the advanced wing design allows it to develop record speeds. A variety of configurations are available to passengers, depending on the destination you plan to set. One of the options is a grandiose apartment with a private toilet, which will definitely make your summer vacation as pleasant as staying in a hotel.

The plane also contains a lighting system that can mimic the circadian rhythms and help us sleep better, while part of it are panoramic windows through which we can enjoy the view of the clouds and the ground below us.

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