The incredible luxury of the new Range Rover SV Carmel Edition

After the last edition of the Concours d'Elegance Pebble Beach, in which all famous luxury brands of the world participate, Land Rover North America presented its new model…

It is an exclusive edition of the Range Rover SV Edition Carmel, which will be produced in only 17 units, with a starting price of 345,000 dollars. This new model received specific accents inside its passenger cabin, which are exactly what attracts the most attention and awakens the love we feel for this brand.

Generally speaking, the design of this Range Rover model is primarily inspired by the Carmel coast on the California peninsula. Designed by the SV Bespoke team, the exterior has received magnificent bronze details, which create an ideal contrast with the "Liberty Blue" blue, which we can see on the front seats, characterized by a comfortable and safe design that has always been a hallmark of the famous brand.

When it comes to the powertrain, this Range Rover hides a V8 engine with 523 horsepower, which comes as part of the standard offer and is not something that fans of the car brand are not already used to. Range Rover cars have always been characterized by raw power and refined beauty.

The definition of refinement of this model is represented by the attention paid to the smallest details, whether it is the interior or the exterior of the car.

The 23-inch wheels have received a "Dark Grey" finish with brilliant shine, which is particularly accentuated with bronze details, while the interior features the latest technologies of the Land Rover brand.

Clients who would like to buy this model will also receive a membership in the exclusive golf club - Range Rover House. Steeped in luxury and decadence, the new Range Rover has already gained a huge number of fans around the world, who are practically racing to get their hands on their special edition.

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