Will Smith's RV is more luxurious than a billionaire's yacht

While other princes live in palaces and mega-villas, the "Prince of Bel-Air" lives like a king even during travels.

Will Smith owns an RV - a house on wheels, which is rightly nicknamed "The Heat". We could say that this is a real luxury hotel on wheels worth 2.5 million dollars, which is apt for one of the highest paid stars in the film business.

Since he himself acted like a ghost in Aladdin, he couldn't think of a better home than Anderson Mobile Estates, an American RV company that did something really magical. "Heat" is exactly the home that shrewd clients with bottomless pockets deserve, along with great content and features that words cannot describe.

"Heat" is a massive house on wheels supported by 22 wheels and offers 120 square meters of interior. It is a two-story building, and although it lacks the sleek interior that RV boasts today, it is still impressive as one of the most luxurious campers in the world, equipped with features you can only dream of.

When the superstar doesn't use it, the massive villa on wheels is rented for an incredible $ 9,000 per night. The camper has a spacious living room, 14 TVs and a projector room for 30 people. The interior may look outdated to those who like avant-garde minimalism, but you can't ignore interiors that show off leather worth $ 300,000 in combination with the most delicate carpentry.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house, whether you are on the road or not. Worth $ 200,000, this kitchen is spacious, equipped with best-in-class appliances such as a three-door refrigerator / freezer, dishwasher, granite, microwave and large round dining table where you can enjoy meals with your family.

The master bedroom (and the only room) has a double bed surrounded by windows on all sides with spectacular views. The bed is converted into a comfortable sofa to create a private study. Above the desk is a make-up mirror that is necessary for an actor during business trips.

The two-storey house on wheels is expanding in four different places, creating an incredible amount of space for its owners. The fantastic RV also has "Star Trek doors" that open to private space. This automatic door makes a sound when opened and closed to make things interesting.

There is also a control center that controls all TVs, touch panels and other electronics worth over $ 100,000. This area can be "cut off" from the rest of the interior, which becomes Smith's private space. When the Star Trek doors close, they divide the space into a separate office / living room with a separate entrance. Will Smith associates can enter, do business and exit directly through this door without compromising his privacy.

What makes this RV luxurious are the delicate touches such as plush rugs, plants and decorative shelves that create a feeling of warmth.

The $ 25,000 bathroom includes a glass shower, which changes from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. The luxury sink equipped with gold faucets also contains a tablet that will help you manage the sauna shower and glass doors.

Will Smith has owned "The Heat" since the early 2000s, while recording hits such as "Ali", "Men in Black III" and "The Pursuit of Happyness".

The motor home is now available for rent for $ 9,000 a day from Anderson Mobile Estates.

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