Conor McGregor treated himself with a brand new Lamborghini yacht

Known as a very shy and withdrawn guy, the MMA fighter surprised everyone by using social networks to show off his new toy - a beautiful yacht created in the Lamborghini production facility...

The 33-year-old UFC legend posted the photo on the Instagram platform, and there, it is possible to see a huge ship of almost twenty meters at a shipyard in Italy. The beautiful vessel worth 2.6 million pounds, was designed and created by the Italian Sea Group and Tecnomar company for Lamborghini and can develop sixty knots.

For the design of this luxury yacht, the iconic cars of the Italian brand were an obvious inspiration, accompanied by futuristically designed Y headlights, a control panel reminiscent of Lamborghini's mid-engine hybrid sports cars and, of course, the recognizable logo of the legendary manufacturer.

This influence of the automotive industry extends into the interior of this yacht, which is inspired by the famous Lamborghini Miura and Countach models. This boat also has a private bedroom, located in the lower part of the deck.

Enthusiastic McGregor, who was photographed during the selection of watches for his new vessel last October, with a description of the photo "Supercar at Sea", said that he was honoured to have managed to secure the purchase of the twelfth of only 63 yachts that will be created.

“Thank you Giuseppe Constantino and thank you to your entire team at The Italian Sea Group company for a job well done!” The fighter added on his Instagram profile.


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